Starting a business like Nepsu

I can’t believe it, it has already been more than 3 years since my partners and I, young and craving for challenges and adventures back then, started Nepsu.

Our story started with two friends simply brainstorming on ideas and it quickly escalated to four friends reunited together on every weekends, working on a speaker project in an apartment downtown. I can’t imagine ourselves being established in a better city than Montreal. Vibrant and full of diversity, it has such a great vibe for entrepreneurs, from strong local and community support to a variety of programs and services destined for startups.

At first, we wanted to find a great company name, one with exactly 5 letters, not more nor less, and yet, easy enough for everyone to pronounce, no matter which language(s) they speak. We were looking for something easily recognizable, pleasant to hear, and would sound similar to the biggest brands out there. The challenge was also to find a name that doesn’t have a weird or negative meaning in any foreign languages. After days of brainstorming, long discussions and a few online researches, our choice was made: Nepsu, shall it be!

To be able to raise the necessary funds for our product development, we had to use all our savings and seek for love money. Right from the start, we’ve made some costly decisions and it forced us to become a leaner startup. As time passed by, we got used to the up and down rollercoaster as entrepreneurs and managed to gather the means necessary to create the Triangle speaker.

In early 2015, two new members joined the team: Cassandra and Nathalie, both have complementary skills and plays a substantial role within our team. We couldn’t have reached this point without them, nor without our mentors, our friends, our business partners and those who support us.

Here’s a photo of us. From left to right: Trung (myself), Julien, Jonathan, Hugo, Cassandra, Nathalie.

Staring a business also requires a logo

We've been often asked, what does your logo represent? Is it a lizard? Why did you choose this one?

It all started when we decided to rebrand Nepsu. It was a great opportunity to iconize our logo for a renewed look. The challenge is to create an unique and timeless logo, which does not look too techy. The team brainstormed and tried really hard to find something representative of our upcoming products. Even though there were many good suggestions, none obtained an unanimous vote yet.

One day, we received a brilliant suggestion from our partner’s brother, Fabrice: Why not a chameleon?

At first, we weren’t so sure, but as we did some research on the animal, we realized it was a great fit. It is known that the chameleon can change skin color in order to adapt to any environment within 20 seconds.

“And just like a chameleon, the Triangle speaker’s look can be changed to fit in, or to stand out in any environment within seconds! “

Whenever an user decides to redecorate a room or to install the Triangle speaker in another one, simply change the frontal plate and/or the acoustic tissue color for a seamless environmental integration in its new decor.

It took several iterations from Nathalie before the whole team could scream all together “ This is it! ”

I just wanted to say, from the whole team:

“Good job Nat! “ :D

What we do

At Nepsu, we truly believe that each person is unique and is directly influenced by our immediate environment which is our home. With the right thoughtful products, we can definitely improve one’s life and inspire personal development and well being.

Our core mission is to provide the market with home products adapted to nowadays problems, habits and needs. In a connectivity-centric society as ours, we quickly came to realize that our products must be user-friendly, reliable, and most importantly, versatile.

Nowadays, the need to express ourselves is undeniable and stronger than ever: Every words, every actions, every objects is a loud way to affirming to the World our own existence, the uniqueness of our personality which sets us apart from our peers. And that is why our upcoming products must also be customizable.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this! Until next time, Cheers! :)