How to back a crowdfunding campaign

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As you may know, Nepsu will be launching our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, on May 9th, for the Triangle speaker. The beautiful thing about such campaign is that each contributor can receive the product at a low backing price.

This short article will explain to you the clear and easy steps to follow in order to back our campaign and to receive the Triangle, the most versatile and customizable speaker, as a perk.

5 easy steps to contribute
to a Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo


Start by choosing your device

With your desktop or laptop, go on with your browser.
With your smartphone or tablet, download the Indiegogo app.


Sign up or Log in

If you already have an Indiegogo account, log in now.

Otherwise, sign up

  • With your Facebook account; OR
  • With your email (Complete the fields with your informations)


Look us up

Click on the Search icon and type “Nepsu Triangle”, and select our campaign.


Choose your perk

See and select which perk fits best for your needs and your budget.


Confirm your contribution

Enter your shipping and payment information, select your contribution appearance, whether or not you want to display your name as a contributor, and finally, confirm your contribution.

It is well known within the backer community that there will be limited Early birds perks available for the very first contributors. Subscribers to our newsletter will be notified by mail for privileged access to these perks before they are available. And as a friendly tip, I strongly suggest you create your account in advance.

I hope this article will be quite useful for you and thank you for your continuous support. Subscribe to our newsletter now to know when we launch the Indiegogo campaign and get a 30% discount.