The importance of environmental sustainability

Nowadays, none can deny the importance of environmental sustainability. Humanity is basically a victim of it’s own success. Technology has made us great, but when we look back at the oceans, the forests and the air we breathe, all the glory kind of fades away. Perhaps humanity is facing one of its greatest challenge right now. We need solutions, we need to take back control of the situation. The first step is really about acknowledging the problem and from there, things can only get better if we take actions.

We all can agree that it is the responsibility of our generation to overcome this challenge. Some may say we haven’t sign up for this and blame the previous generations for the damages, but it won’t solve the problem. The fact that we are all part of the problem awakens the idea of us all being part of the solution. We can see many initiatives and positive results from people driven by this common belief.

As a company, we know profit is necessary for growth, and so is taking responsible decisions and giving back to our community and environment. Since the very beginning, all engineering and design choices at Nepsu has been driven by such beliefs. We know that manufacturing consumer electronic products, in terms of what it is today, cannot be totally green, but it does not mean we can’t make the best possible choices to become so. Our first product, the Triangle speaker, has been conceived with an eco-friendly state of mind. Any avenues that may improve the sustainability development of the product have been meticulously taken in consideration.

First of all, the Triangle’s shell is molded from a bio-composite made of 50% wood cellulose which leads to a considerable carbon footprint reduction by cutting down to half the quantity of polymer involved to make one unit! This material also has great acoustic properties as wood acts as a damping material, and that explains why the high-end audio industry uses wood to make speakers sold for 10 000$ and even more!

The second most present material within the Triangle Speaker is aluminum. This very particular metal is the gem of sustainability, as it is demonstrated in this study by the European Aluminum Association.

  • Highly available;
  • 100% recyclable;
  • No rust with a melting point 50% lower than steel;
  • Great mechanical property despite its light weight.

Aluminum definitely stacks on great property without any compromise on aesthetic.

The circuit board’s electronic components were also selected with an eco-friendly point of view. We made sure to select parts with highest life cycles of use to be virtually good for more than a decade: such choices will substantially reduce the risks of electronic failures to a maximum level. Not only it guarantees a high quality product, but it also reduces the risk of additional environmental post-purchase costs.

As for the frontal aluminum plate’s customizability, we opted for anodization for the 3 basic colors (silver, black and gold) and vinyl decals for all other colors without mentioning the real wood plating options. This strategy makes customizability and sustainability rime together as it avoids the use of painting, which involves a vast range of chemicals and reduces the recyclability of each parts by adding even more chemical processes or mechanical operations in order to remove the painting.

In terms of product assembly, we chose screws over snap-fits to ensures the possibility of reopening and disassembling the speaker in case of accidental damage repair or for matter of flux loopback at the end of a product’s life.

One other eco-friendly decision we’ve made is to produce our products in our home country, Canada. The Triangle speaker has been proudly designed in Montreal and will be made in Canada. This ensures that we can lower transportation carbon footprint during production and maintain high environmental standards on any decision simply by being directly in the action, which would be difficult by outsourcing to a low cost foreign manufacturer, as the common avenue.

No action or decision is too small when it’s about the environment’s future for the next human generation : and that’s the message we want to share at Nepsu. As a matter of fact, we all need to step in and do what is possible for a brighter future. Together, let’s make everyday Earth day.

My team and I launched our crowdfunding campaign on May 9th. Make sure to visit our campaign NOW to learn more & to enable Nepsu to develop other sustainable products.